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BreakthePaywall! is a free add-on for Opera and Internet Explorer 7 or higher using Windows XP or higher that simplifies using the various methods for circumventing website paywall restrictions.

14 July 2016 Latest News! Google has decided to block the BreakthePaywall Chrome extension

The Chrome store linkChrome Version now produces a page saying:

"An error occurred:
Item not found. This item may have been removed by its author."

The item hasn't been removed by the author it's been removed by Google. Here's the reasons they gave:

"Your item did not comply with the following section of our policy:

We don't allow products or services that facilitate unauthorized access to content on websites, such as circumventing paywalls or login restrictions.
We also don't allow products or services that encourage, facilitate, or enable the unauthorized access, download, or streaming of copyrighted content or media."

We wrote back saying:

"Breakthepaywall does not circumvent logins and it does not condone unauthorized access to copyrighted material - unlike Google which requires websites to allow them access in order to be included on Google's search results and requires access from those search results.

Breakthpaywall, like many extensions, merely changes the referrer and agent header to mimic Google search results - this is not illegal!

I think the extension suffers from its name rather than its content and actions.

I urge you to reconsider based on your contradictory stance."

I think that speaks for itself by I don't expect a positive reply! I have become increasingly annoyed by everything Google and try to avoid it as much as possible. For example I do not use Google Search I use Searx which anonymizes me when searching and I recently got rid of all my Gmail accounts and any other Google services.

You can still use the extension but not in the Chrome browser - you can only install extensions from the Chrome extensions store in Chrome - instead you can install the extension in Opera which is based on the same Chromium open source browser engine that Chrome uses.

Simply download the crx extension file:, unzip the crx file to a local folder, open Opera, goto extensions and drag and drop the btpw.crx file into the extensions pane. The extension will work exactly the same as in Chrome - click the BTPW toolbar icon to switch BreakthePayall on and off when browsing.

Get back to us if you have any problems. In the meantime this has forced our hand to create a firefox extension asap - look out for that. Now...time to uninstall Chrome!

Paywalls are increasingly being erected by many websites - news and other media sites being the main users of paywalls. BreakthePaywall! is not designed to work on subscription only websites. BreakthePaywall! is designed to work solely on those websites that initially allow you to view free content but after doing so, for example, 3 times, then ask you to register and/or pay to view any further content within the website. BreakthePaywall! will also work with sites that allow full access when viewed from news aggregation search sites. For further details see the FAQ.

BreakthePaywall! is free to download and use. If you like it please consider making a donation towards the ongoing updates and maintenance via paypall.

To install BreakthePaywall! please follow the instructions in the download section for the browser you use.

Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Twitter@BreakthePaywall

We have received some correspondence along the lines of: "I find it funny/hilarious/ironic that you are asking for donations for something which steals others hard work". Please click here for our response.

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