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Thankyou for considering a donation. BreakthePaywall is a completely non-profit venture, all donations will go towards the maintenance and updating of the BreakthePaywall add-on.

At present we can only accept donations via paypal.

Please click on the Donate button to proceed with your donation using the paypal system.

Many thanks!

We have received some correspondence along the lines of: "I find it funny/hilarious/ironic that you are asking for donations for something which steals others hard work".

Our response:

We find it funny/hilarious/ironic that certain websites ask for payment for content that is in fact available for free by Googling the headline.

Subscribers to these sites are effectively making a donation for the convenience of single click access.

We think it is fine for people to make donations for content they enjoy but only if websites are up front about it and not deceiving people in this way. BreakthePaywall gives people the choice.

These websites use techniques that Google describe as ‘Cloaking’ whereby the website presents a different page to users than they present to the search index. The whole idea is to make sure your site is high in the search index results whilst charging for content and getting income from advertising. Google will shut off websites from their index if they are found to use these techniques. But many websites are tolerated by Google if they allow access to the same page from their search results. It must be very galling for those subscribers that happily pay for the content they enjoy only to find it is freely available to others because the bean counters wish to maximise revenue without any regard for their loyal customers.

You either get revenue from advertising or from subscriptions, you cannot have it both ways and expect your content not to leak. Or you can ask for donations without any restrictions – many sites might be surprised by the response. There are also other subscription models that would be more pleasing to customers, do not deceive and stay within Google’s rules.

We believe the sites that use ‘semi-cloaking’ techniques are breaking the spirit of Google’s rules and should be stopped from using them. Legitimate sites that produce great content and have a correctly implemented subscription service behind a paywall that can only be accessed by logging on are the ones that are losing out within the current structure.

All we are doing is making it slightly easier to access content that is supposedly behind a paywall but is in fact freely available and exposing the lax practises and double standards of websites that provide their content in this way.

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