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Known problems:

My desktop shortcuts are now opening very slowly after installing BreakthePaywall?

There was a bug in version 1.3.0 which caused this problem. It has now been solved in version 1.3.1 which is available from the download area.

BreakthePaywall used to work for a website but now doesn't?

This may occur because BreakthePaywall is no longer able to delete cookies. On 9 August 2011 Microsoft released a security update which completely changed the way all versions of IE store cookies, see: Internet-Explorer update changes file protocol and cookie naming. As a result BreakthePaywall is no longer able to delete certain cookies. We are working on an update that will address this problem - if you have BreakthePaywall installed you will automatically be asked to download this update once it is released. UPDATE: Version 1.3.0 and above now addresses this problem - install from the download area.

Errors when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9?

After upgrading to IE9 you may find that you receive programme errors related to BreakthePaywall - There is now a Beta version of BreakthePaywall for IE9 available from the download page, please use this version for IE9

Slow hyperlinks in Outlook 2003 and other programmes?

This problem has now be resolved in version 1.1.0: After installing BreakthePaywall you may find that when clicking on hyperlinks within an email opened with Outlook 2003 Internet Explorer will take a long time to load - right clicking IE in the task bar speeds up the loading.

This is a known threading issue problem which we are working on to fix - later versions of Outlook are not affected.

Not working in Vista under VMWare?

We found during testing that BreakthePaywall will not work in a virtual machine (VMWare) installation of Vista

At present we have no resolution for this - just use Windows 7 instead and let Vista die!

For any other problems please contact us.
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